N5 Corporation & Group Companies SWISS, USA, UK and EU – Venture Capital Conglomerate.
Realty, Beverage, Drinks, Grocery & Textile Specialists, Media & Publications Companies, Importers Exporters, wholesaler’s & Retailers,
Shipping & Logistics, Founded 2021/22 Registered  & Accredited

Milano Italia brand

Our stylish Italian design clothing brand

Le Tour d’Irlande

Le Tour Ireland, Tour d’Irlande is an Organisation a Brand that’s associated with the Sponsorship of Le Tour in Ireland.

Montana Wear

Montana Brand, Montana Clothing under the Montanawear brand is the finest experience ever of creating wildness in to and onto clothing with the ruggedness of the mountains and the imaginative of eagles, bears, buffalos…

Boxing Wear

Boxing as always been one of the most interesting and enjoyable sports, we have innovated a Unique collection of boxing wear for individuals and clubs, boxing shirts, boxing shorts, boxing vests, boxing footwear, boxing gloves, etc…